Now United!! ♥️♥️♥️

Hiiii everyone!!!

During this Quarantine, I ought to tell you to listen to some music. There are just sooooooo many talented bands out there. One of these are Now United.

If you don’t know who they are (what is wrong with you 🙄no don’t worry I’m just kidding 😉) they’re a group of teens from all around the world. One member representing their own country!!

This is just what a world like this needs right now!! To prove that anyone from anywhere can come together and do what they love together. ♥️♥️♥️

These are the current members of NU

1.Bailey May – Philippines (17)
2. Noah Urrea – America (18)
3. Any Gabrielly – Brazil (16)
4. Joalin Loukamaa – Finland (18)
5. Sina Deinert – Germany (21)
6. Sabina Hidalgo – Mexico (20)
7. Heyoon Jeong – South Korea (23)
8. Sofya Plotnikova – Russia (16)
9. Shivani Paliwal – India (17)
10. Krystian Wang – China (19)
11. Lamar Morris – UK (19)
12. Diarra Sylla – Senegal (18)
13. Hina Yoshihara – Japan (17)
14. Josh Beauchamp – Canada (19) 15. Savannah Clarke – Australia (16)

Well go to YouTube and listen to some of their songs!! A few are mentioned below

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1. Who would think that love.

2. Crazy Stupid Silly Love

3. Summer in the City

4. Better

5. By my side

6. Na Na Na

7. Come together

Enjoy listening to these songs and I’ll cya later 👋👋👋👋



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